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Group H3 has an outstanding track record of safety and conducting high speed & relevant training. Group H3 is able to tailor-make an event that is most beneficial to their mission, experience, equipment and needs. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and has a proven track record with over twenty-five hundred government agencies served around the globe.

All H3 instructors are full time sworn law enforcement officers, active duty military special operations operators or retired academy instructors.

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Group H3 can provide services in any language or theater of operation. With more than 2400+ trained operators to select from, we are able to provide Tier1 to Tier3 operators as well as basic TCN security operators. Our staff and personnel are an experienced group of professionals & military specialists in the business of security, protection, intelligence, investigations, and defense trusted worldwide since 1991. H3 members have served with GSG9, MET Police, Spanish CT, SEALs, German SEALs, Austrian SF, US Army SF, Force Recon, FAST, Chilean Army HALCON, GROM, Canadian RCMP & Military, Australian SAS, Spanish Legion the Royal Marines (UK) and tactical team leaders from across North America.

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Since 2006, Group H3 has provided quality tactical team, patrol and military gear for numerous domestic and international clients. For the same price as other reputable companies, Group H3 gear is guaranteed to last twice as long as the others. This is due to the superior materials and military specification stitching used in the manufacturing process. We have carefully and purposefully selected the best manufacturers and all of our products have passed the test in battlefield conditions and on the streets; ensuring our gear is the finest on the market today.

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Our Team

Chris is the CEO & Chief Instructor for H3’s training division. He has a Top Secret security clearance, is a certified Subject-Matter Expert and has trained with more than 275 of the most elite units worldwide, including the GSG9, FBI, DEA, and the RCMP.

Dan is a former US Marine & tactical team sniper with global experience. Dan is in charge of day-to-day operations for a multi-national training/security corporation, handling contracted operators and leading contract negotiations.

Bruece is an OSINT Analyst and Certified Litigation Specialist focusing on police liability. Bruece identifyies relevant, reliable intelligence sources by accessing local knowledge and leveraging human experts to create tailored knowledge on the fly.

Upcoming Training & Featured Projects

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Protective Services Operator

Protective Services Operators Course is designed for on and off duty personnel who are tasked with protecting Very Important Persons in static and mobile  situations. Whether you will be protecting…


Gas & Oil Platform (GOPLAT)

Gas & Oil Platform (GOPLAT) Interdiction is a two-day (16 hour) course that few people outside of the military will have the opportunity to experience. On a GOPLAT operation you…


SWAT School

SWAT School is a 40 hour (five days), relevant tactical team training for the operator starting out on the team to the skilled veteran. Because of the requirements and needs…



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