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Group H3 has an outstanding team of specialists with a wide range of international experience. They have collaborated in programs for the United Nations, European Community, NATO and special projects for the Spanish Government involving peacekeeping, defense and national security. With a keen eye on current events, our experts are constantly evaluating future international challenges and needs.

Our business model is structured to best benefit the client; in a relationship built on their needs and goals. The contracting out of military services to private organizations is a global reality, and proving to be financially sound alternative. It promotes troop welfare and allows for a more efficient allocation of resources.

Group H3 is in ready-mode to assist your government (nationally or regionally):

  • Support for deployed forces & security elements
  • Support of International Peacekeeping operations
  • Evaluations of technical and operational requirements
  • Development & implementation of new defense policies
  • Management & maintenance of communications
  • Security evaluations and evaluation scenarios
  • Designing computer programs for management & telecomm
  • Management & maintenance of fleet services and air/ground fleet
  • Evaluation, testing and advising on equipment
  • Support for alternative armed forces operational doctrines
  • International relationship programs
  • Creation, training and support of new units and teams
  • Support in the creation of military & security study centers
  • National defense exercises
  • Infrastructure in Force Protection
  • Marketing pro defense campaigns and relationships
  • Support for/in recruiting and recruit selection
  • Private military services in conflict areas
  • Integral Strategic Studies program
  • Geopolitical analysis & interpretation
  • Military & Defense studies and interpretation
  • Infrastructures for training

About Us: Group H3 is professional security company providing services to governments, corporations and individuals; with roots dating back to 1991. We are always mission capable and can provide over 1200+ highly credentialed personnel to our clients in time of need. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and has a proven track record with over twenty-five hundred government agencies served around the globe. Whether you are a private company needing physical security or protection, intelligence, K9 operations and/or training anywhere around the globe, H3 is your one-stop solution for all of your mission specific needs.


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