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Exploration Support

Group H3 can play an integral role during the exploration phase of a project. We can protect your exploration team, provide logistical support and secure their samples and information. This last service is most advantageous to our clients, as it prevents claims of tampering, substitution or fraudulent results.

Our personnel are all highly trained and experienced in field operations. Experts in survival skills, advanced first aid, navigation and security procedures, we can accompany your staff into the most difficult terrain and climatic environments. In the event of medical emergency, navigational error, regional conflict or other extreme hazard, our personnel will move to evacuate your exploration team by the quickest and ultimately safest means at their disposal. This combination of services allows your geologists to concentrate on their tasks and maximize their time in pursuit of mineral deposits.

Should you feel that a particular situation does not necessitate the direct inclusion of our Group H3 staff, we offer training programs for exploration team members. We will educate them in personal security skills and survival knowledge specific to their area of operations. We can also provide briefings on local customs, trends and culture. We can prepare a report on the current security situation and suggest suitable precautions. We can also include specialized training in emergency first aid, advanced navigation, emergency driving and evasion techniques.


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