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Institutional Combatives

Institutional Combatives is designed for persons (sworn and non-sworn personnel) who books, houses or transports prisoners.

This 100% hands-on course includes training in full-speed shank & knife attacks, riot control, will-to-survive, basic ground survival and dealing with combative subjects in a detention setting.

You will do cell extractions, special response situations and deal with a variety of combatives in realistic scenarios. You will also learn the practical, no-nonsense fighting skills that will prepare you for low to medium and high risk encounters.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Surviving a "shank" attack
  • Subduing combative inmates
  • Cell extraction methods
  • Riot control & survival tactics
  • Prisoner transportation
  • Searching techniques

Your Instructors are all SRT, SERT or special response leaders in their correctional department or agency.

This course, like all H3 training, can be modified and tailor made to best benefit your department or unit.

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